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We used to fight with Jive on things like formatting. When using Classeur it feels like how writing should be. Classeur has had a huge impact on the way we collaborate and publish our content.

Grant Miller,

  • Unlimited files/folders/classeurs
  • File/folder/classeur sharing
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Unlimited blogs and posts
  • Export to PDF, Word, EPUB
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Increased quota

  • 500MB bandwidth per month
    instead of 25MB per month
  • 300 blog post publications per hour
    instead of 6 per hour
  • 150 PDF, Word, EPUB exports per hour
    instead of 3 per hour
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  • On-premises or Cloud deployment
  • Google Apps or LDAP/AD login
  • Internal or external DB
  • Automatic backup
  • Admin console
  • Support
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